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hi all,

i was wondering if you guys would like to share your experience regarding copyright issues with your stencil projects?!
i understand that there are obviously restrictions when using pictures found on the net. fair enough, if we download a picture (e.g google NOT stock photos), alter it with digital software (make it stencilable) and transfer it to a canvas and hang the piece on our living room wall no one would be too concerned, i guess!! the real copyright issues might arise when you are thinking of selling your art...and actually do so...
surely, the best way would be to use your own pictures/photos exclusively. i work hard to build up my own stock material as i go along (have the camera with me) but everyone knows this is not always an option.

to keep out of trouble and be respectful with the property of others:

---what are the DO´s and DON´T´s?
---are there guidelines/info you can recommend?
---where do YOU get your stencil pictures/photos?

i´d love to read about your opinions here!

cheers guys,

JoH :spin:
More Journal Entries

Read before submit!


:bulletblue:1# submit one picture per stencil! others will be denied anyway!

:bulletblue:2# submit only quality stuff. both - photo as well as stencil!

:bulletblue:3# submit in right gallery folder!

"off the wall" - on the canvas/cardboard etc. no matter if it's hangin' on the wall or not!
"on the wall" - its actually sprayed on the wall!

:bulletblue:4# watermark on stencil.. bad idea! sometimes it just makes no sense & looks bad! if so we will decline!

:bulletblue:5# submit ONLY stencil type stuff!

as you see we have strict rules. thats because we want to keep ONLY fresh & quality stuff! so don't bother if we denie your piece & if we do so DO NOT resubmit it!
thank you!

The Stencil team!




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Por favor, ¿este grupo está vivo? Muchas Gracias.

Please, is this group still alive? Thanks very much
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my stencil take a look…
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Yo people, street art battle going down here ---> [link]

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Be sure to check out the other articles and share too :)
StnclRev Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Hey everyone, the Stencil Revolution Forum is now back online:

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why i don't can join our group ?
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Post in the other stencil-graff group [link]

We accept and want to see
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Please, critique my las artwork. 5 points reward: [link]

cmdpirxII Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
May i ask why you declined this photo ? [link]
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